Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and UK Government guidelines, we are limiting meetings with clients unless they are absolutely necessary.  Please note that upon attending our offices for face-to-face meetings the following rules will apply:


  • Having made an appointment to see a solicitor at our office if you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to the meeting you should cancel the appointment and follow guidelines to self-isolate and report the occurrence to the 111 NHS helpline (Full list of symptoms available of NHS website). Should we believe you have any symptoms we may refuse entry into the office
  • On attending the office please do not be early and call us to let us know of any delays you might experience so we can avoid congestion and breaching office occupancy limits
  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival using a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature is 38℃elsius or higher you will not be permitted to enter the office and should self-isolate and call the 111 NHS helpline for guidance. Should you refuse to have your temperature taken we reserve the right to refuse entrance into the office for your safety and for the safety of our staff
  • Hand sanitiser is available inside the front door and must be used on arrival. Hand sanitiser is also available for use during the meeting
  • You will be required at all times to comply with the current 2 metre social distancing guidelines
  • Vinyl gloves will be provided should you need to touch any documents. If you have an allergy to vinyl please bring your own non-vinyl gloves if necessary (Due to limitations of suppliers we cannot provide non-vinyl gloves at this time)
  • Our solicitors may wear face masks for your protection and their own but this depends on an individual basis (Due to limitations of suppliers we cannot provide face masks for clients at this time)
  • If you are considered to be vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus and have been instructed to shield we cannot make an appointment for you and you should follow government guidance on shielding until 15th August 2020 


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